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What is Green?

Jun 23, 07:16 PM

In the last few years we all have been hearing more about being green and how we all need to change. As I have been looking at what I can do or should do to be more green, I felt as if the cost would be to high for myself. So does it cost more to be green? Well yes I say it can cost more but I have found that there are many ways I can make changes that may save money and makes me greener. One way that I made a change is in gardening, this not only saves me money but also I know what has been put on it and it is not shipped in from other areas. It sounds funny but the little things we all do day to day may be the biggest change for us all, ie Lights, walking more, ride sharing, what we set the temperature of our home at, If we recycle any thing?

I write from home so I have looked at what I do as I go thru my day. I keep the blinds closed longer on the side of the house that the sun hits in the morning. this has been harder for me because I love to look out the windows, but that keeps the heat down in the summer. We also let our home get up to 78f before we start cooling and then keep the temp at 78f. yes it was a bit hot at first but we all got use to it in no time. I guess what I am saying is I am no longer going to say what can I do! I am going to keep looking for ways to change my life and what I do, yes it harder some times to be green and to do the right thing. But we all can if we choose to, so I am asking you to do the right thing. just start with one thing and then one more.

As I have been looking for new technology the last few days I also have been looking at green technology ie fuel cells and solar cells. I have a friend that wants to take an old car and make it run on electricity, so I hope to write more about what and how they go about doing this and what is used.

Blaire Roper