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June Already!

Jun 6, 06:21 PM

Happy Birthday Kollin, Ashlyn, Megan, Jacob, Jodi and Sarah. I hope the month is a great one for each of you.

Well I wanted to tell my children how proud I am of them. Life has brought many changes over the last couple of months. I want them to know that their choices are good ones. Jessica graduated from Seminary, Young Womens and soon from high school. She is so awesome! Ross is doing well, this is a hard thing he chose to do, but we are so proud of him and the small good things that he is changing in his life every day to make himself a better person. Life is a daily battle that I hope we can face like my sister says: We live in a musical and for no apparent reason we often burst into song…. :-) . The other thing I try to think is: Is it a minor inconvenience or a major issue before I get to upset… Sarah is the best daughter-in-law ever. She always loves us and makes sure we are OK and that we get to spend time with Ross. She is kind and good and we are greatly blessed by her joining our family. She keeps herself busy by helping children in an afternoon school program. What an wonderful thing to be able to do. Jennifer is an awesome mom and she is so talented in the things she does. Serving in the Primary too. She is good to share photos and videos of our grand kids. Randy is in Young Mens and he is an awesome dad to his 2 kids. He plays with them and pretends with them. What an awesome family.
I am so happy God blessed Blaire and I with these 3 wonderful children and are grateful for the people they have brought into our lives.

At the end of this month Jessica and I will be doing another performance of Joseph Smith The Prophet musical. We are excited.

Tamera Roper