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October 2009

Oct 4, 07:03 PM

Last Month is gone and October is here….
Trey, Kooper , Kyleigh and Kolton all had birthdays in September. I hope they were all very wonderful and you got everything you wanted. Trey turned really old and hopefully has many wonderful adventures coming his way.
Happy October Birthday Russ – you are getting really old now. Happy Birthday Dad – we know you are old! :-) Happy Birthday Tamera – I am 29 yet again! It is wonderful to be 29. I hope to stay that way for many years yet to come. Happy Birthday Ammon – Oh the experiences in life yet to enjoy!

Well now for the anniversaries – Happy Anniversay! Tony & Trish Tracy & Elizabeth

RAY & VICKI and MARV & ESTHERWOW – what a lot of years, what a lot of memories, what a lot of kids…. Many grandkids and many happy memories.

Fall has come and everyone is surviving. One day at a time! It isn’t easy, but it is oh so worth it. I hope that has we start to bring this year to a close and look forward to the holidays. We will remember the many things we are thankful for – the blessings we have received, the lives saved, the time sacrificed and the family and friends who have loved us and we have loved.

I love the month of October – the leaves change, the weather is cooler and so the sun feels good. People begin to think of the holidays and giving.

Conference happens and we get to have much spiritual revelation. As always the talks were directed towards me and how I should live. More love, kindness, understanding of family, friends and even those we don’t know, More acceptance of others. Treat others kindly! Follow the commandments! love one another! Pay your tithing! Be kind, Be virtuous, LOVE one another, treat others kindly…..
I think of one of the things I learned from my dad. If have something, you have more than someone else and you should always share what you have. I learned from my mom you should always hug everyone. I have learned from my parents that if you are kind to others – you will always have friends. It doesn’t matter if they treat you nice and many times people don’t. But there are those people that will be kind back and hopefully will be your friends, but you still have to be kind to everyone even if they are mean including those of your family.

I love my family and I don’t tell them often, but I want all my brothers and sisters (Laura, Theron, Teresa, Tracy, Elizabeth, Tony, Trish, Robert, Karla, Jodi, Russell, James, Amy, Sandra, Joe, Shawna, Amber) that I love them. I want my parents to know I love them and Blaires parents and also my nieces and nephews how much I appreciate each and everyone of them. I love my kids (Randy, Jenn, Ross, Sarah and Jessica)!!!! I love my grandkids!!!! and I love all the Pets too. My aunts and uncles are all awesome and should know they fill many portions of my heart. My cousins and I have many all have a special place. There are also many others who have come in our family and I love them all. I do love Blaires brothers and sisters too even though they would rather not be a part of our lives. I hope someday that will change and they will want to be a part of our lives.

I hope as October progresses and we come to the end of the month, you will all have a Happy Halloween. As always, love me

Tamera Roper